Thank you, Joss. Your vision has given us a lot of pleasure.


Alphabetically mixed in with my S.O. List

SO's to: (alphabetized to be easy to read so to make our English speaking good) Addict No. 1, Adreenis, Adri, Agent Cooper, AjO (#20), AKA BECKER, Alex, Algerina (#52), Allicat/Nipsy, Alpy (#29), Ms. Alucard, Erika Amato, amystar (#57), ANG, Angela (#43), AngelLover24-7 (#40), Angelic Sweetie, Angle Man, Asanti, Avarice, banana (#8), bec (#17), Beldin, blueronin (#23), Bri (#46), Bruce's Mom, Buttercup, Chris Beck, Big Al, Blackheart, Boo, Lt. Colonel Briarcliff, BUFFYtvsfan (#48), Candy Kane (#36), carlycat, CharlieX, Chelle, Chosen One (#50), Chrissy, Christopher Marlowe, Claddagh (#44), Clarrie (#54), Cleio, Closet Buffyholic, Comma, Corvus, cosmic, curlysue, DaddyCatALSO, Daphmax, Deadboy, devil (#12), Dianne, Django (#56), DoBoy, Dogmeat, drdan, Drizzt, Edward, Elly (#51), EverDawn (#11), fenric, Figaro (#34), Forevrnite (#15), gazoo, Godeater (#1), golden girl (#28), Gregg, Haven, Hecate, horizon, Icelord (#37), Intoit (#18), Jayne, Jennifer Lynn, Jocor, Jonathan H (#39), KAM, Kansas (#49), Kar (#30), Jubilee, Karin, kayti, kim!, Kramer, KrazyKat, Lady Bathory, Margot le Faye, Laurence, Leather Jacket, *LB* (#3), Liche, Lil'Tree (#19), Lisa, Little Willow, lostinamerica, Mabb, MaJoR WillowFan, Malista, Marissa, Todd McIntosh, Meg6 (#32), mélanie, Miguel, Mircalla (#6), Missi (#16), Missy, Mr. EverDawn, Natalie, Night Owl, Noodles, notsoShyGirl, Nouveau, NuPhalanx (#25), nya, Nyte-eyes, old dog (#5), OldManFan, 1bufffyfan (#22), paksenarrion (#55), Pam (#33), Phil PhuD, Pixie, Pnthr44, Poetry Angel (#9), ? (#13), RJ (#14), Rebecca Lynn (#2), ripley, ROANNA (#10), RyanH, Sachiel (#38), Samantha (#45), Sanguineus, Sara the Brown (#31), StGermain (#21), SarahNicole (#7), Selenay (#53), ShadowDancer, Shadowslayer (#27), Shalazar, Shelly, SherBear, shtein, Slave2Faith (#47), slay_me (#26), sleepy head, Southern Girl (#24), Spike, SpookyMagoo (#41), SweePer, sweick, Tallulahdahling (#42), TheaterGirl, Thelma and Louise, Thirsty (#35), Thoin, 3 S.D.'s from Norm, thy Slayer, Kestra Troi, VT, VaBuffyFan, valMichael, Vlad the Impaler, WanderLost (#4), weeping willow, Wendy, werewolf123, Whisper2AScream, Witchy Woman, wolfguard, Zorander, and all others who will now show up making me feel guilty for overlooking them. (Mystical numeric codes: the numbers next to the Poster's names indicate exclusive membership in the Order of Maverick's Fanfic Recommenders , a valiant band of Posters who have girded their loins and will recommend my fanfic even under the most harrowing of circumstances, such as the actual threat of being viciously tickled by someone of the opposite sex. God bless these brave young Posters)


Proud HonoUrary Member of Buffy, Eh? There goes THEIR club, eh? Snowshoe Size #10-1/2
Keelhauled on the Shameless Hussy Boat
Slavic (or perhaps Czech) devotee of SMG
Steve (Urkel) for Bronze Bouncer
Keeper of all change I find behind the cushions of the Bronze sofa
Official Bronze Notary
Self-confessed cat kisser
Spaz Poster # 14 / Certified SpazSpeak Interpreter
My fanfic can be found here: Maverick's Home Page.


Cardinal Order

1. Godeater
2. Rebecca Lynn
3. *LB*
4. WanderLost
5. old dog
6. Mircalla
7. SarahNicole
8. banana
9. Poetry Angel
11. EverDawn
12. devil
13. ?
14. RJ
15. Forevrnite
16. Missi
17. bec
18. Intoit
19. Lil'Tree
20. AjO
21. StGermain
22. 1buffyfan
23. Blueronin
24. Southern Girl
25. NuPhalanx
26. slay_me
27. Shadowslayer
28. golden girl
29. Alpy
30. Kar
31. Sara the Brown
32. Meg6
33. Pam
34. Figaro
35. Thirsty
36. Candy Kane
37. Icelord
38. Sachiel
39. Jonathan H
40. AngelLover24-7
41. SpookyMagoo
42. tallulahdahling
43. Angela
44. Claddagh
45. Samantha
46. Bri
47. Slave2Faith
48. BUFFYtvsfan
49. Kansas
50. Chosen One
51. Elly
52. Algerina
53. Selenay
54. clarrie
55. paksenarrion
56. Django
57. amystar

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