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I got a lot of things for this website from a lot of obscure places and I would like to list them here, in no particular order. Each on its own is certainly worth visiting. Please do so. Beyond what you see on my Home Page, I needed pictures as I tried to illustrate my fiction. I got these pictures from various places.

Every picture of the lovely Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland)--she's truly an eye-gift to the men of the world--comes from the amusing and enjoyable "World's Greatest TV Mom" site. You will have a good time reading the quirks that are listed for this charming character. I did. Hank Summer's picture is from there also. Here's the link:

World's Greatest TV Mom

Then I ran into the "Cross and Stake" site from which I obtained the picture of the Clown and the picture of the Master. This site had an insider Behind the Scenes section that showed some of the preparations for and applications of Todd McIntosh's Emmy Award-winning make-up. Fascinating. You have to admire the painstaking (good word to parse) work of Todd and of this excellent Website. Here's the link:

Buffy Cross and Stake

The picture of Angel (David Boreanaz) is from:

WGN-TV's Buffy images

The large picture of Oz (Seth Green) is from:

Buffy Cross and Stake

I went looking for a Snyder picture and ended up at the Armin Shimmerman site from which I expropriated (I don't know--don't ask, don't tell) a picture of the amazing Armin, but, unfortunately, it doesn't look a lot like Snyder. But I used it anyway, as the Snyder in my story is a little schizophrenic. The link to the site honoring this wonderful actor is:

The Official Armin Shimerman's Web Site

So, I still needed another Snyder, and I came upon (stumbled over) a "BtVS Official Site" fellow "Posting Board" poster, Sarah W., who has this obsession (I love obsessed people) that her site should contain wholly self-generated Buffy stuff, at least as much as humanly possible. She invited me on over (remember--not to be done with a vampire) to her site for a Snyder and a Darla (sounds intriguing). Unfortunately I couldn't get very far with my browser (webtv), but I felt there was probably a Snyder and Darla there somewhere as she had a lot of vidcaps (video captures). I mentioned my browser problem to Sarah W., and this saintly person moved heaven and earth (java-scripted Spoiler Warnings) to allow me access, and the Snyder (standing between Cordelia and Xander) was mine-heh heh heh. I also found a nice Darla that was crucial to my story. And, I couldn't resist a Willow (on Oz's lap next to Buffy)--the Willow was like Peanut Butter Cookie-Dough Frozen Yogurt which is also impossible for me to resist, so I took it, hoping Sarah W. wouldn't force me to "hey, put that back where you found it." I did mention to her I took the extra picture, but I hid the mention in small type in a dissertation I suggested she read on expended nuclear fuel rods-heh heh heh. So far, I've gotten away Scott-free. Her unique site which truly stretches the limits of Buffydom is at:

Sarah W.'s "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tribute" Site

I got the Buffy Theme midi from Xainith's page which is addressed:

Xainith's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Page

The picture of Whistler (a vidcap) came from Dingo on the Prairie's Buffy Page addressed:

Dingo on the Prairie's Buffy Page

I found a charming picture of Charisma and Nick laughing about something and couldn't resist it. Aren't they wonderful in their roles? The address of the site where I found it is:

Xander and Cordelia!!!

I was posting on the BtVS Official Site Posting Board one night and Chris Beck, the Emmy Award-winning (for Buffy) composer was on. Some guy slid a midi he had made of the Buffy love theme in front of Chris. Chris was amazed (and flattered)--we all were amazed. This guy, who posts as Ryanh, let me use it. It plays twice on the first page of Unbecoming1: Out to Lunch. Edited to Add Okay, there's a further story behind this. Ryanh it turns out, "borrowed" this from a Miss Noella Choi who was the person who had truly created it. I found this out later when I ran across an enhanced version of the Love Theme among her other Buffy themes on her website. Here's a link to Noella's current Website.

Noella Choi's Homepage

I added a picture of Mr. Spock to my fanfic and it got a laugh, so it's staying. Maybe it'll get another. That's just the kind of guy I am. I'm certain it is at the very least Paramount Pictures Television.

Now, any of the above items will be removed, upon objection, with no questions asked (other than, possibly, Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?)

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