If you are reading this, you have jumped here from the beginning of Spike & Dru, A Love Story. Sorry, but my fanfic differs slightly from Network Buffy, and I wish to point out the ways, so when you encounter them, you can follow along.

The main difference between the two versions is that I have chosen to deal with the "Betrayal" issue raised in Becoming 2, when Xander decided to conceal from Buffy the information that the Scooby Gang was in the process of trying again to re-soul Angel. As a matter of fact, my Unbecoming Series deals almost entirely with the resolution of this controversy. In my version, Xander, in an effort to redeem himself for his indiscretion, enters hell to try to rescue Angel.

Following along with Xander's trip into hell is the theory that Buffy actually DID die in Prophesy Girl and that Xander mystically brought her back to life, because he has an undefined but yet a valid supernatural role to play in the Buffyverse. In my fanfic, Xander is referred to in the books of prophesy (including "The Pergamum Codex") by the applelation "The Breath of Life."

Other pertinent differences to mention:

1. The character of Faith does not exist.

2. Mr. Trick DOES exist.

3. Band Candy DID take place.

4. Joyce and Giles dated for a period of time.

5. Angel is back from hell, having been "rescued" and brought back by Xander.

6. Xander has fully recovered from his trip to hell.

7. Snyder is a demon of some kind with an almost schizophrenic personality.

8. Cordelia broke up with Xander (to her credit, however, she waited till she was fully certain he was on his way to a complete recovery from the aftereffects of having visited hell.) Although frequently (by me--okay, guilty as charged) portrayed as a funny character, I acknowledge Cordelia is as complex as any other Buffy personnna and equally capable of self-sacrifice.

That's pretty-much it; I think if you just keep in mind that in my version 1). Xander rescued Angel from hell; 2). Xander had a personal crisis and suffered grave consequences personally but survived; and 3). Xander has some "extra" ability, then you can follow along very well.

Thanks for your indulgence.

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